Working with RecyclerView

Working With RecyclerView and CardView

Animate Items in RecyclerView Using RecyclerView Animators Library

Inflate multiple types of rows inside a RecyclerView

Create Options Menu for RecyclerView Item using PopupMenu

Call getFragmentManager on Recycler.Adapter

Save scroll position of RecyclerView in Android

Hide FloatingActionButton on Scroll of RecyclerView

Android Recyclerview GridLayoutManager column spacing by ItemDecoration

Pre Caching LayoutManager for RecyclerView

Implementing Pull to Refresh for RecyclerView

Prevent RecyclerView recycling items

Disable RecyclerView Scrolling

Android Support Library

Android Send data to an Activity using Bundle

Working with Linear Layout

Working with Relative Layout

Input Controls – Buttons

Respond to Button Click Events

Specifying the Keyboard Layout of EditText

Working with AutoCompleteTextView

Working with Checkboxes

Working with Radio Buttons

Working with Toggle Button

Working with Spinner

Working with ListView

ListView with own layout

Highlight selected item in a ListView

ListView with Custom Adapter

Working with DialogFragment

Android Working with TimePicker

Android Working with TimePickerDialog

Creating a DatePickerDialog

Working with Options Menu

Handling Click Events of Options Menu

Create a Floating Context Menu

Handling Click Events of Floating Context Menu

Working with Contextual Action Mode

ListView with Contextual Action Mode

Working with Popup Menu

027 ==> Menu with Radio Button

028 ==> Working with SeekBar

Add a Fragment to an Activity at Runtime

030 ==> Working with RadioGroup

Fragment Activity Communication

Communication between two Fragments

Add a Fragment to an Activity using XML

034 ==> Supporting Tablets and Handsets

035 ==> Supporting Different Languages

036 ==> Explicit and Implicit Intent

037 ==> Forcing an App Chooser

Adding the Action Bar

Add Up Button into Action Bar

040 ==> Inherit Styles

Custom Background for Action Bar

042 ==> Working with Expandable List View

Implement Swipe Views Using ViewPager

Android Send data to a Fragment using Bundle

Create Navigation Drawer using NavigationView

Add Header for Navigation Drawer

Add Hamburger icon for Navigation Drawer

Navigating between Menu Items of Navigation Drawer

049 ==> Working with ScrollView


Progress Bar using ProgressDialog

Working with Thread

Working with BottomNavigationView

Working with Property Animation

Animating ListView with LayoutTransition

Floating Label with TextInputLayout

Working with Floating Action Button

Working with Snackbar

Transition animations between activities

Transition animation between Fragments

Working with TabLayout

Working with SQLite

Working with TableLayout

Right to Left Toolbar

Open Navigation Drawer from Right

066 ==> Set Selected Menu Item on BottomNavigationView

Sync ViewPager with BottomNavigationView

068 ==> Connect to Google Drive and Save a file

Open Activity without saving it to Back Stack

070 ==> Working with NumerPicker

Custom Farsi Font for Views Using TypeFace

Set Width and Height of DialogFragment

Custom Farsi Font for Views Using Calligraphy Library

Set Button Background Transparent

Focus on TextView

Flat Button

077 ==> Gradient Background Color for Button

Reduce APK Size

079 ==> Sign App

080 ==> Gauge Library

Percent Layouts Deprecated

Gauge Library

Get Screen width and height

Invalidate the whole view

Determine when Fragment becomes visible in ViewPager

BottomNavigationView is not full width

Disable swipe in a ViewPager

Working with ViewFlipper

Working with Support GridLayout

Work with PopupMenu

Right to Left PopupMenu with ListPopupWindow

Right to Left Menu Items of Navigation Drawer

Close Application with Exit button

Select Menu Item of Navigation Drawer

Add Spinner as an item in Navigation Drawer

Add Header Layout to NavigationView

Back Navigation for ActionBar

Get the current position of a ViewPager

Get current fragment displayed in ViewPager

Set Selected Item of Spinner programmatically

Configure Apps with Over 64K Methods with Multidex

How to use a function only if the version is 11+

Disable soft keyboard on NumberPicker

How Libraries can silently add permissions to your Android App

proguard-rules Examples

Prevent locale changes on Android application

Read XML from URL

Get versionCode Programmatically

Set Title of DialogFragment

Install .apk files Programmatically

Saving Files

Check Google Play service availability

Android show DialogFragment title on API level older than 23

Using NumberPicker with Strings

Pass custom object in Bundle

Working with SharedPreferences

Create a Modal Bottom Sheet

Working with greenDAO on Android

Validate EditText Input on Android

Navigation Drawer Item Icon not showing Original Colour

Launch Telegram app from my own application

Rotate ImageView from xml layout on Android

Check whether there is an Internet connection available on Android

Show ImageView from file path on Android

Get MIME Type on Android

Set ImageView Width and Height programmatically

Use Picasso to load file system files

Android Requesting Permissions at Run Time

Working with Glide, Image Loader Library for Android

Getting an Image path from a ImageView using tag on Android

Create fullscreen Activity in Android

Android Support Library Setup

Remove an Image from Gallery on Android

Share Image or File on Android

Add a Toolbar to an Activity

Come back to First activity without its onCreate() called

Add Ripple Effect to an Android Button

Get video duration before or without playing

Play Video in VideoView on Android

Save state of activity when orientation changes on android

Show fullscreen Video on Android

Working with Display orientation on Android

Create a Started Service on Android

Running code in Main thread from another thread using Handler

Using Thread in Android Service

Service Using IntentService on Android

Create a Bound Service on Android

Working with FileObserver on Android

Working with LruCache on Android

Use SVG in Android

Get the SHA-1 fingerprint certificate in Android Studio for debug mode

Cache Images before showing with Glide on Android

Set “android:layout_below” at runtime Programmatically

Toolbar Back Button not working while Action Menu is present

Create PopupMenu with Icons using PopupWindow

Use Android SDK Documentation offline in Android Studio

Share Multiple Images or Files on Android

Loading existing .html file with android WebView

How to enable Annotation Processor in Android Studio 2.3

Data Browser for ObjectBox

Copy database from assets to databases folder

Huawei, logcat not showing the log for my app

Filter RecyclerView by placing a SearchView on Toolbar

Ripple effect on Android CardView

Change status bar color to match app in Android above Lollipop

Transition animations between activities on Android above Lollipop

How to make ConstraintLayout work with percentage values

ConstraintLayout Vertical Align Center

Animating Layout Changes

Populating Spinner items directly in xml layout

Cannot lower case button text in Android Studio

Make a circular ripple effect on a button when it’s being clicked

Full screen background image in an activity

Hash String via SHA-256 in Android

Put a Constraint Layout inside a ScrollView in Android

Transparent ProgressDialog with ProgressBar

View value of Password EditText while a button is pressed

Set a timer in Android using Handler

Display HTML in TextView on Android

Word wrap text with break word in Android EditText

Detect when there is an Internet connection available on Android

Email address validation in Android

Set android shape color programmatically

Disable keyboard popuping up on edittext

Combining text & image on a Button on Android

Remove padding around buttons in Android

Integrate Facebook Login with your Android Application

Android Facebook SDK get Email, Date of Birth and gender of User

Integrating Google Sign-In into Android App

Right To Left SnackBar

Updating the UI from a Timer using Handler

Keep the screen awake

Set TextView style bold or italic and preserve previous TypeFace

Android Notifications

Prevent services of Android app from being killed using Intent.ACTION_TIME_TICK

Color animation using ValueAnimator on Android

Prevent Snackbar from closing

Check if service is running on Android

sort a list of objects by a certain value within the object

Create a Permanent Notification

Android Foreground Service

Scheduling of tasks with the Android JobScheduler

Android Notification with Sound and Vibratation

Dismiss/Cancel the status bar notification in android programmatically

Saving Android Activity state using Save Instance State

Modify Socket parameters of Mqtt Client

Keep the device awake on Android using PowerManager
Start Android application on boot

Optimize for Doze and App Standby

Listening to android.os.action.DEVICE_IDLE_MODE_CHANGED

Schedule tasks with AlarmManager on Android

Interprocess Communication between Activity and Service using Messenger

Check Google Play Services Availability

Access to application class in Broadcast Receiver

How the activity should be launched with android:launchMode

Make notification resume and not recreate activity on Android

Tablayout with Icons on Android

Badge for TabLayout using setCustomView

Detect when the last item is shown on RecyclerView

Avoid delay in Android GCM messages / change heartbeat

Track android fragments using firebase analytics

Detect if App is in release or debug mode in android

Building a Url with Query parameters in OkHttp

Show Progress bar while loading image using Glide

Detect screen rotation on Android

Android Studio – No space left on device

OkHttp Post Body as JSON

How can we prevent a Service from being killed by Android

Check if gradle dependency has new version (update) on Android Studio

Change font on TabLayout using Calligraphy

Change status bar text color when primaryDark is white

Asset font is not loaded in android webView

Create a DialogFragment without title

Restart an android application programmatically

Use AndroidX in a project

Customize Glide Network Timeouts

CLEARTEXT communication not permitted by network security policy

Declare a variable in Gradle usable in Java using buildConfigField and resValue

Change the application ID for build variants and product flavor

Generate signed apk using Gradle on Android

Upgrade to Android Oreo and issue with Firebase Cloud Messaging

Set connection timeout in OkHttp3

Get current position on recyclerview that user scrolled on Android

Download apk file using Download Manager on Android

Debug Remotely on Android using adb via SSH Tunnel

Send commands to a specific device with ADB

Determine the package name of an Android App using ADB

Detect running app using ADB command

ADB port forwarding and reversing

Get the Android Emulator’s external IP address

Read ADB screencap raw image using python

ADB Shell Input Events ( tap and swipe)

Stopping an Android app using ADB