Loading data before components using Router resolver in Angular

As the name suggests, we can add a resolve function to the route which loads the component that has an API call to do. This will cause the component to be only loaded and displayed by Angular once the API call (or whatever else we define) is loaded.

Create a separate class which we’ll have the resolver functionality

// resolver.ts
import { Injectable } from '@angular/core';
import { Resolve } from '@angular/router';
import { Observable } from 'rxjs';
import { ApiService } from './api.service';

export class Resolver implements Resolve<Observable<string>> {
  constructor(private api: ApiService) { }

  resolve() {
    return this.api.getProducts();

Add this class as a provider

// app.module.ts
import { Resolver } from './resolver';
// ...
providers: [Resolver],


// app-routing.module.ts
import { Resolver } from './resolver';

const routes: Routes = [
  { path: '', component: HomeComponent },
  { path: 'products', component: ProductsComponent, resolve: { products: Resolver } }
// products.component.ts
import { ActivatedRoute } from '@angular/router';
// ...
constructor(private route: ActivatedRoute) { }
ngOnInit() {
  this.products = this.route.snapshot.data.products;

Access to Route Params

import { Injectable } from '@angular/core';
import { HnService } from './hn.service';

import { Resolve } from '@angular/router';

import { ActivatedRouteSnapshot } from '@angular/router';

export class HnResolver implements Resolve<any> {
  constructor(private hnService: HnService) {}

  resolve(route: ActivatedRouteSnapshot) {
    return this.hnService.getPost(route.paramMap.get('id'));


Tmux Cheat Sheet & Quick Reference

Start a new session

tmux new
tmux new-session

Start a new session with the name mysession

tmux new -s mysession

kill/delete session mysession

tmux kill-session -t mysession

kill/delete all sessions but the current

tmux kill-session -a

kill/delete all sessions but mysession

tmux kill-session -a -t mysession

Show all sessions

tmux ls
tmux list-sessions

Attach to a session with the name mysession

tmux a -t mysession
tmux at -t mysession
tmux attach -t mysession
tmux attach-session -t mysession

Rename session

Ctrl + b $

Detach from session

Ctrl + b d

Create window

Ctrl + b c

Rename current window

Ctrl + b ,

Close current window

Ctrl + b &

Previous window

Ctrl + b p

Next window

Ctrl + b n

Switch/select window by number

Ctrl + b 0 ... 9


Ctrl-b [
# Press q to quit scroll mode
Ctrl-b PgUp


Use MongoDB createIndex in Java

private MongoCollection<Document> createCollection(String collectionName) {
    String indexFieldName1 = "itemId";
    String indexFieldName2 = "time";
    MongoCollection<Document> mongoCollection = this.database.getCollection(collectionName);

    if (mongoCollection == null) {
        mongoCollection = this.database.getCollection(collectionName);

    IndexOptions indexOptions1 = new IndexOptions().unique(false)
    Bson keys1 = new Document(indexFieldName1, Integer.valueOf(1));
    mongoCollection.createIndex(keys1, indexOptions1);

    IndexOptions indexOptions2 = new IndexOptions().unique(false)
    Bson keys2 = new Document(indexFieldName2, Integer.valueOf(1));
    mongoCollection.createIndex(keys2, indexOptions2);

    return mongoCollection;


yarn upgrade

yarn upgrade
yarn upgrade left-pad
yarn upgrade left-pad@^1.0.0
yarn upgrade left-pad grunt
yarn upgrade @angular
yarn upgrade --pattern gulp
yarn upgrade left-pad --pattern "gulp|grunt"
yarn upgrade --latest --pattern "gulp-(match|newer)"
yarn upgrade --latest
yarn upgrade left-pad --latest
yarn upgrade left-pad grunt --latest --tilde


Bootstrap Login Screen with Floating Labels


<!-- This snippet uses Font Awesome 5 Free as a dependency. You can download it at fontawesome.io! -->

  <div class="container">
    <div class="row">
      <div class="col-sm-9 col-md-7 col-lg-5 mx-auto">
        <div class="card card-signin my-5">
          <div class="card-body">
            <h5 class="card-title text-center">Sign In</h5>
            <form class="form-signin">
              <div class="form-label-group">
                <input type="email" id="inputEmail" class="form-control" placeholder="Email address" required autofocus>
                <label for="inputEmail">Email address</label>

              <div class="form-label-group">
                <input type="password" id="inputPassword" class="form-control" placeholder="Password" required>
                <label for="inputPassword">Password</label>

              <div class="custom-control custom-checkbox mb-3">
                <input type="checkbox" class="custom-control-input" id="customCheck1">
                <label class="custom-control-label" for="customCheck1">Remember password</label>
              <button class="btn btn-lg btn-primary btn-block text-uppercase" type="submit">Sign in</button>
              <hr class="my-4">
              <button class="btn btn-lg btn-google btn-block text-uppercase" type="submit"><i class="fab fa-google mr-2"></i> Sign in with Google</button>
              <button class="btn btn-lg btn-facebook btn-block text-uppercase" type="submit"><i class="fab fa-facebook-f mr-2"></i> Sign in with Facebook</button>


:root {
  --input-padding-x: 1.5rem;
  --input-padding-y: .75rem;

body {
  background: #007bff;
  background: linear-gradient(to right, #0062E6, #33AEFF);

.card-signin {
  border: 0;
  border-radius: 1rem;
  box-shadow: 0 0.5rem 1rem 0 rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.1);

.card-signin .card-title {
  margin-bottom: 2rem;
  font-weight: 300;
  font-size: 1.5rem;

.card-signin .card-body {
  padding: 2rem;

.form-signin {
  width: 100%;

.form-signin .btn {
  font-size: 80%;
  border-radius: 5rem;
  letter-spacing: .1rem;
  font-weight: bold;
  padding: 1rem;
  transition: all 0.2s;

.form-label-group {
  position: relative;
  margin-bottom: 1rem;

.form-label-group input {
  height: auto;
  border-radius: 2rem;

.form-label-group>label {
  padding: var(--input-padding-y) var(--input-padding-x);

.form-label-group>label {
  position: absolute;
  top: 0;
  left: 0;
  display: block;
  width: 100%;
  margin-bottom: 0;
  /* Override default `<label>` margin */
  line-height: 1.5;
  color: #495057;
  border: 1px solid transparent;
  border-radius: .25rem;
  transition: all .1s ease-in-out;

.form-label-group input::-webkit-input-placeholder {
  color: transparent;

.form-label-group input:-ms-input-placeholder {
  color: transparent;

.form-label-group input::-ms-input-placeholder {
  color: transparent;

.form-label-group input::-moz-placeholder {
  color: transparent;

.form-label-group input::placeholder {
  color: transparent;

.form-label-group input:not(:placeholder-shown) {
  padding-top: calc(var(--input-padding-y) + var(--input-padding-y) * (2 / 3));
  padding-bottom: calc(var(--input-padding-y) / 3);

.form-label-group input:not(:placeholder-shown)~label {
  padding-top: calc(var(--input-padding-y) / 3);
  padding-bottom: calc(var(--input-padding-y) / 3);
  font-size: 12px;
  color: #777;

.btn-google {
  color: white;
  background-color: #ea4335;

.btn-facebook {
  color: white;
  background-color: #3b5998;

/* Fallback for Edge
-------------------------------------------------- */

@supports (-ms-ime-align: auto) {
  .form-label-group>label {
    display: none;
  .form-label-group input::-ms-input-placeholder {
    color: #777;

/* Fallback for IE
-------------------------------------------------- */

@media all and (-ms-high-contrast: none),
(-ms-high-contrast: active) {
  .form-label-group>label {
    display: none;
  .form-label-group input:-ms-input-placeholder {
    color: #777;


Install .NET on Manjaro

.NET Core
If you only want to run .NET Core managed applications, install the dotnet-runtime package.
To build apps with .NET Core, install dotnet-sdk as well.
Microsoft recommends using Visual Studio Code , their Electron-based FOSS IDE, to build & debug .NET Core apps.

Tip: Add ~/.dotnet/tools to PATH, otherwise dotnet tools with not work from shell.
Install the mono package.


Improve font rendering in Manjaro

sudo nano /etc/fonts/local.conf
<match target="font">
  <edit name="autohint" mode="assign">
  <edit name="hinting" mode="assign">
  <edit mode="assign" name="hintstyle">
  <edit mode="assign" name="lcdfilter">
cp ~/.Xresources ~/.Xresources.bak
nano ~/.Xresources
Xft.dpi: 120
Xft.antialias: true
Xft.hinting: true
Xft.rgba: rgb
Xft.autohint: false
Xft.hintstyle: hintslight
Xft.lcdfilter: lcddefault
xrdb -merge ~/.Xresources

Make sure that Anti aliasing is On, and Hiting is set to Slight in System Settings (Appearence).