How to set Windows to boot as the default in the grub boot loader

search :

and find something similar :

edit :

and change to:

finally run :

References :

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Install additional Word reference styles for citation and bibliography

Copy Styles to :

and to:

References :

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Download from YouTube

best quality download :

References :

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Xamarin.Android Intellisense not working in Visual Studio

You can get those files from the above links, Just download it and those files move it manually to C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\Xml\Schemas or simply just add these schemas within Visual Studio. References :

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aria2 – Getting Started

Download from WEB:

Download from 2 sources:

Download using 2 connections per host:


BitTorrent Magnet URI:


Download URIs found in text file:

References :

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Change SSH port on Linux

where it says:

then save and restart ssh server References :

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