“Parse Error : There is a problem parsing the packageā€ while installing Android application

You need to save the APK to a public directory. For example:

References : https://forums.xamarin.com/discussion/5272/stuck-on-running-downloaded-apk-there-was-a-problem-parsing-the-package

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Install Application programmatically on Android

References : http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4604239/install-application-programmatically-on-android

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Use putExtra() and getExtra() for exchanging data between intents in Android Xamarin

Put Extra


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DownloadManager in Xamarin Android

Download Manager is a System Service that optimises the handling of long-running downloads in the background.

References : http://101apps.co.za/articles/using-the-downloadmanager-to-manage-your-downloads.html http://stackoverflow.com/questions/13349806/why-does-the-download-completed-notification-disappear-on-gingerbread-devices

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Create a Database with ADO.NET in Xamarin Android

First we need WriteExternalStorage Permission Add a reference to System.Data and to Mono.Data.SQLite

References : https://developer.xamarin.com/recipes/android/data/databases/adonet/

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