Configure Tor with Bridge in Ubuntu

sudo apt-get install tor

After runing tor you can see the log of the tor by

journalctl -exft Tor

If the service started without errors, look at the Tor log

sudo journalctl -b --no-pager /usr/bin/tor
sudo apt install obfs4proxy

then you should get the bridge line. for get the bridge line go to and get your bridge line.

nano /etc/tor/torrc
UseBridges 1 
ClientTransportPlugin obfs4 exec /usr/bin/obfs4proxy 
Bridge obfs4 5C72EEEE587AB1C7021A78707DAB80427F7A9B43 cert=HAZq1DmA4kR1/IFy1TBeSd67BNQI4SDur+U3zxun+G7HCWJ+x66eUyM6/sariPQYDJ9aIw iat-mode=0
Bridge obfs4 6CA77FBE6752502259A3D0079F1C510663166404 cert=yrWZOUqsfQ9IyCj3LFwXSqFqbh+59S+1P9yPh/obHt4fbVYrE3ypGthX/+ZvM207I3xIBQ iat-mode=0
Bridge obfs4 F9DFF618E7BA6C018245D417F39E970C2F019BAA cert=mDZuXuqSTjX1OjN7zLybTYzNi0A21A7G0DRNmW79029cSvLYSOk/KhGftcnmxruTmhRfZQ iat-mode=0
systemctl restart tor.service