Component Virtualization in ASP.NET Core Blazor

Virtualization is a technique that helps you to process and render only the items that are currently visible on the page (in the content viewport). We can use this technique when dealing with large amounts of data, where processing all the data and displaying the result will take time.

<div style="height:400px; overflow-y:scroll">
    <Virtualize Items="@allBooks">
        <BookSummary @key="book.BookId" Details="@book.Summary" />
<Virtualize Context="employee" ItemsProvider="@LoadEmployees">
        @employee.FirstName @employee.LastName has the 
        job title of @employee.JobTitle.
<Virtualize Context="employee" Items="@employees" ItemSize="25">
<Virtualize Context="employee" Items="@employees" OverscanCount="4">