OkHttp Post Body as JSON

References https://stackoverflow.com/questions/34179922/okhttp-post-body-as-json

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Detect screen rotation on Android



References https://stackoverflow.com/questions/6896243/how-can-i-detect-screen-rotation

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Show Progress bar while loading image using Glide

References https://stackoverflow.com/questions/35305875/progress-bar-while-loading-image-using-glide

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Building a Url with Query parameters in OkHttp

References https://medium.com/square-corner-blog/okhttps-new-url-class-515460eea661

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Detect if App is in release or debug mode in android

Make sure you are referencing your project’s BuildConfig class, not from any of your dependency libraries.

References https://stackoverflow.com/questions/23844667/detect-if-i-am-in-release-or-debug-mode-in-android http://tekeye.uk/android/examples/android-debug-vs-release-build

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Change ticks number on a plot in matplotlib

References https://stackoverflow.com/questions/27425974/change-ticks-number-on-a-subplot

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Download image from url in C#

Simply You can use following methods.

If You don’t know the Format(.png, .jpeg etc) of Image

References https://stackoverflow.com/questions/24797485/how-to-download-image-from-url

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Creating a temporary directory in Windows using C#

References https://stackoverflow.com/questions/278439/creating-a-temporary-directory-in-windows

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