SpacerElement in Virtualize component in Blazor 7.0

If the Virtualize component is placed inside an element that requires a specific child tag name, SpacerElement allows you to obtain or set the virtualization spacer tag name. The default value is div. For the following example, the Virtualize component renders inside a table body element (tbody), so the appropriate child element for a table row (tr) is set as the spacer.

@page "/virtualized-table"

        html, body { overflow-y: scroll }

<h1>Virtualized Table Example</h1>

<table id="virtualized-table">
    <thead style="position: sticky; top: 0; background-color: silver">
            <th>Another column</th>
        <Virtualize Items="@fixedItems" ItemSize="30" SpacerElement="tr">
            <tr @key="context" style="height: 30px;" id="row-@context">
                <td>Item @context</td>
                <td>Another value</td>

@code {
    private List<int> fixedItems = Enumerable.Range(0, 1000).ToList();