Tweaks for Firefox

Enable Hardware Acceleration

  1. Go to about:preferences
  2. In General, scroll down to Performance
  3. Uncheck the box for Use recommended performance settings
  4. Check the box for Use hardware acceleration when available

Disable Data Collection and Telemetry

  1. Go to about:preferences
  2. Go to Privacy & Security, and scroll down to Firefox Data Collection and Use
  3. Uncheck all boxes in this section
  4. Restart Firefox

Essential About:Config Tweaks

  • Set to False
  • Set security.dialog_enable_delay to 0
  • Set network.prefetch-next to False (Only on slow internet connections)
  • Set browser.newtabpage.activity-stream.feeds.telemetry to false
  • Set browser.newtabpage.activity-stream.telemetry to false
  • Set to false
  • Set toolkit.telemetry.archive.enabled to false
  • Set toolkit.telemetry.bhrPing.enabled to false
  • Set toolkit.telemetry.enabled to false
  • Set toolkit.telemetry.firstShutdownPing.enabled to false
  • Set toolkit.telemetry.hybridContent.enabled to false
  • Set toolkit.telemetry.newProfilePing.enabled to false
  • Set toolkit.telemetry.reportingpolicy.firstRun to false
  • Set toolkit.telemetry.shutdownPingSender.enabled to false
  • Set toolkit.telemetry.unified to false
  • Set toolkit.telemetry.updatePing.enabled to false

Remove Built-in Firefox Add-ons

  • In about:config, set reader.parse-on-load.enabled to False
  • In about:config, set reader.parse-on-load.force-enabled to False
  • In about:config, set browser.pocket.enabled to False
  • In about:config, set loop.enabled to False