Template Matching on Images using OpenCvSharp

//read image
// var refMat = new Mat("001f.png", ImreadModes.Unchanged);
// var tplMat = new Mat("001.png", ImreadModes.Unchanged);
using (Mat refMat = new Mat("001f.png", ImreadModes.Unchanged))
using (Mat tplMat = new Mat("001.png", ImreadModes.Unchanged))
using (Mat res = new Mat(refMat.Rows - tplMat.Rows + 1, refMat.Cols - tplMat.Cols + 1, MatType.CV_32FC1))
    //Convert input images to gray
    Mat gref = refMat.CvtColor(ColorConversionCodes.BGR2GRAY);
    Mat gtpl = tplMat.CvtColor(ColorConversionCodes.BGR2GRAY);

    Cv2.MatchTemplate(gref, gtpl, res, TemplateMatchModes.CCoeffNormed);
    Cv2.Threshold(res, res, 0.8, 1.0, ThresholdTypes.Tozero);

    while (true)
        double minval, maxval, threshold = 0.8;
        Point minloc, maxloc;
        Cv2.MinMaxLoc(res, out minval, out maxval, out minloc, out maxloc);

        if (maxval >= threshold)
            //draw a rectangle of the matching area
            Rect r = new Rect(new Point(maxloc.X, maxloc.Y), new Size(tplMat.Width, tplMat.Height));
            Cv2.Rectangle(refMat, r, Scalar.Red, 2);

            String msg =
                $"MinVal={minval.ToString()} MaxVal={maxval.ToString()} MinLoc={minloc.ToString()} MaxLoc={maxloc.ToString()} Rect={r.ToString()}";

            //fill in the res mat so you don't find the same area again in the minmaxloc
            //Rect outRect;
            //Cv2.FloodFill(res, maxloc, new Scalar(0), out outRect, new Scalar(0.1), new Scalar(1.0), FloodFillFlags.Link4);
            Cv2.FloodFill(res, maxloc, new Scalar(0));