Iterate over rows in a DataFrame in Pandas

# import pandas package as pd 
import pandas as pd 
# Define a dictionary containing students data 
data = {'Name': ['Ankit', 'Amit', 'Aishwarya', 'Priyanka'], 
                'Age': [21, 19, 20, 18], 
                'Stream': ['Math', 'Commerce', 'Arts', 'Biology'], 
                'Percentage': [88, 92, 95, 70]} 
# Convert the dictionary into DataFrame 
df = pd.DataFrame(data, columns = ['Name', 'Age', 'Stream', 'Percentage']) 
print("Given Dataframe :\n", df) 
print("\nIterating over rows using iterrows() method :\n") 
# iterate through each row and select  
# 'Name' and 'Age' column respectively. 
for index, row in df.iterrows(): 
    print (row["Name"], row["Age"])