Configure Multiple Users for Shadowsocks-libev

For example, Cloud and Tifa, two AVALANCHE members, are planning to deploy shadowsocks-libev services on the same VPS to bypass the firewall of Shinra Inc. In this case, they could simply create cloud.json and tifa.json configurations with different ports, passwords and encryption methods in /etc/shadowsocks-libev directory. Then enable and start the systemd services using the following commands:

sudo systemctl enable shadowsocks-libev-server@cloud.service --now
sudo systemctl enable shadowsocks-libev-server@tifa.service --now

The status of shadowsocks-libev instances could be checked with the following commands:

sudo systemctl status shadowsocks-libev-server@cloud.service
sudo systemctl status shadowsocks-libev-server@tifa.service

You can start shadowsocks-libev instances with the following commands:

sudo systemctl start shadowsocks-libev-server@cloud.service
sudo systemctl start shadowsocks-libev-server@tifa.service